Primetime Sports Group takes an active role in every phase of our clients’ careers. Our objective is to counsel, guide, prepare and represent them and their best interests at all times.


Primetime Sports Group agents are experienced and skilled in contract negotiations of all types as well as the arbitration process. Understanding that professional sports is a business, we truly respect the dynamic between organizations and our clients. We take tremendous pride in our ability to maintain strong relationships while securing the best possible terms for our athletes.


Primetime Sports Group is dedicated to its athletes both on and off the field or octagon, and our marketing strategies enable our clients to create personal brands and capitalize on endorsement opportunities during their careers and in retirement.

Pre-Draft Consultation & Preparation

Primetime Sports Group recognizes that, for an aspiring professional athlete, the amateur draft process is a daunting endeavor. It is the biggest job interview an athlete will ever have, and the result will certainly affect the rest of their lives. In order to achieve optimum success, we provide our clients with a wide range of consulting and advising services during the entire process.